The five minute meditation

Each day contains twenty-four hours. That’s fourteen hundred and forty minutes!
Don’t you think that any of us can find just five of those minutes to sit down and have some peace through meditation?

I bring this up today, because I too struggle sometimes with finding the time to meditate. Although it is very rare that I miss a day, I often feel that there are too many things that need to be done. Too many distractions for me to sit and meditate.
It’s can be very easy to find lots of reasons for any of us to not meditate every day. But what if you only shoot for five little minutes? Doesn’t that seem doable?

Here are my suggestions for a Five Minute Meditation:
First of all, find a place that is as quiet as possible, but do not expect perfection. If there are some noises, people or dogs around, don’t let that stop you. Just pick the quietest spot you have available.
Then sit yourself comfortably in a chair or on a cushion or pillow. Keep a good upright but comfortable posture. Resting your hands on your knees or in your lap. Remember this is not a military exercise, it is one that you should find yourself relaxed and at ease.
Now, gently close your eyes and take several deep long breaths. As you take each inhale and release every exhale, feel the tension in your body diminish.
In just these first few moments, you will feel the initial sensation of peace.
After these four or five deep breaths, direct your attention to your breath itself. Breathing through your nose if possible, follow the cooling sensation in your nostrils as you inhale. Then be aware of the warming sensation of the breath as it exits your nostrils.
Allow your mind to simply enjoy this warming and cooling sensation of the breath, being aware that this is life flowing in and out of you. There is no life without this breath. Be aware and grateful for each inhale and each exhale. You are alive, you’re breathing, you’re peaceful.
Now, while still being mindful of your breath, send your loving thoughts toward yourself and then your Family members. Unconditional loving thoughts of kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion.
Try to envision each of their faces as you send them your unconditional love.
Next, expand those thoughts and feelings of loving kindness outward to include friends and neighbors. Then outward again to include all living beings. All humans, all creatures, those who are alive and those who have passed, and even those who are yet to be born.

That’s it, your five minutes is up!
How wonderful that you took these few minutes to care for yourself. To show love for the self and for all other beings!

Please do not think that five minutes is not enough either. Think of it like a donation to a charity. A five dollar donation may not seem like a lot, but it all adds up. Just think how different things would be if thousands of people donated that same five dollars. It would have a tremendous impact on that cause, wouldn’t it.
That is very much the same principle that applies to your five-minute meditation. You are helping to change the World with your investment in loving kindness and compassion. And how many people will ultimately benefit from this act of kindness that you are showing!

I hope you will consider finding this time today. And as always, I wish you to be well, happy and peaceful.

Five Minute Guided Meditation