Let it be

Let it be
“Whisper words of wisdom, let it be” ~ Lennon & McCartney

What great words from this song by The Beatles. The words of wisdom are “let it be”.
And the longer I practice, the more I see what a powerful impact these words have on daily life.
I can clearly see that there is no stopping the constant rising and falling away of thoughts in my mind. And I think I have gained the wisdom to not try to attempt to control or push away these rising thoughts. Simply observing them and allowing them the space to be whatever they are without attaching to them or adding a storyline. Simply let it be.

This practice has not eliminated disturbing emotions, but it has certainly minimized greatly the duration of their presence. And meditation has been so very helpful in showing me how to accomplish this mindful behavior.
As I have written about previously, sometimes during meditation, I am overwhelmed with some feeling of anxiety, fear, dread or anger. And through loving acceptance of the self, and allowing myself to observe, I have learned how to bring this observation practice into my life off of the cushion.
Vimala Bhikkhuni was the one who taught me about opening up the space in our meditation practice. And I am now beginning to see how this space is actually available to us all of the time, if we just allow it.

I think that the Holiday Season can be one of especially constant and powerful emotions. Love for Family and friends, sadness for the absence of loved ones, fear of what the new year will bring, anxiety over people coming to your home, guilt over what you wish you would have done or would like to do.
But this makes an especially good time to practice mindfulness and presence. Allow yourself to be an observer and do not create any stories to fuel these emotions. See them, allow them the space to exist, let them pass like a scene from a movie, and then just let it be.
Be free of suffering and live joyfully.
Happy Holidays to each of you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.