The joy of growing old

No, I am not being facetious, I really mean it. I find it fun getting older!

As a younger man, life rushed by me. A mind that was constantly racing, striving for success and accomplishment. Every moment seemed filled with goals, activities, music, TV, places to go and people to see.
I’m not sure if I spent any time at all simply being present and savoring the moment. I was far too busy for that!

But now at fifty-five years old, I am increasingly more present and mindful. I find so much pleasure in the simplest of things.
Putting on my pajamas at night has become such a rich and rewarding experience. The comfort, relaxation, softness and ease that accompany this simple act of changing clothes.
Waking in the morning is no less exciting for me.
I am engulfed in the warm comfort of my bed, squishy pillow, soft sheets, all of which are embracing my old body. But what of that old achy body, you ask? Well, I am completely aware of those aches and pains, yet happy that I am alive and have lived a full life that my physical body now reminds me of.
Next I start my day by the simple task of brushing my teeth. But again, I am so happy that I have these teeth. I am excited to brush them and take care of my teeth and gums. They have value to me that I neglected when I was younger.
Even work is different from when I was a younger man. For I see now how my work is of such benefit to so many. To support the ones I love, and to help others who are in need, is a tremendous blessing. How wonderful that I am able to work!

So, do my feet hurt? Yes, but I am grateful I can walk. Do my neck and shoulders ache? Sure, but I am thankful I can sit upright and feed myself. Do I often feel back pain? Certainly, but it is still very strong and can carry a great deal.
For all of these things, all of these aches and pains, I see all the joy and happiness.
Tomorrow I will be older still, and this body will further decay. But rather than struggle against this, I welcome my own impermanence (anicca).
What a wonderful life we all share, and what a blessing to grow old!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.