Shopping for God


My recent post about God seemed to have stirred a lot of interest and lively discussion. And I have learned a great deal from all of your comments and feedback.
I have come to see that God, religion, beliefs and even atheism are like going shopping at the Mall of America.
Although each may seem very different and separate, in my view we are all wandering around in the same mall.
And the store that I spend most of my time in just happens to be the Dhamma store. I study the teachings of Buddha, and there is still so much more that I have yet to see, that I can spend the rest of my life browsing. Some things I buy, and some I just leave on the table. It doesn’t mean I don’t like some things, they just don’t fit me right now. Who knows what might fit tomorrow, right?

None of this means that my store is the only store or the right store, or the store you should be shopping at. And I see all of this like one might view a career in science. Just because I have chosen the field of neurology, does not mean there is not equal value in oceanography, astronomy, or paleontology. I have simply chosen this path of study.

So God, no God, your God, my God, all seem rather irrelevant in my view.
Shop at the store you prefer, take with you what fits, and leave the rest for others to enjoy and benefit from. You can always come back, or even shop at another store. The choice is always yours.

Wisdom, loving kindness, compassion, peace and equanimity are universally available to all of us.
Enjoy your life, and may you be well, happy and peaceful.