What’s your hurry?

As I sat in meditation this morning, I observed the rising of several emotions. A powerful desire to finish meditating seemed almost overwhelming. I wondered, where do I need to go? I need to hurry back to my coffee and staring at the computer screen?
But then I could see that I actually had an aversion (dosa), to sitting. Is it that sitting in meditation is a waste of time? No, it’s being alone with the self and facing my own decay and impermanence.
But by continuing in a state of busyness, my monkey-mind never has to settle and observe this reality. Death is inevitable.

Meditation is a time to be at peace and filled with acceptance. Yes, I am decaying and I will die. But I do have this moment and this breath to be fully present and mindful. I can choose this moment to be filled with loving kindness for all beings, breathing in lovingly and breathing out lovingly.
In this moment I am peaceful. I have so much love for the self and all others, with no expectation or attachment.
This is the focus and benefit of my meditation. No need to run away or hurry up, simply be still and awake.

As human beings, I think it is natural for our minds to constantly be thinking of our responsibilities and duties. Chores that need to be done, bills to be paid, kids to be picked up at School.
These are all necessary for us to live and function in the World.
But meditation is that brief time period that we can each set aside each day to let all of that go, and simply breathe. How peaceful!

I know you have a lot to do, and a lot on your mind today. But I encourage you to spend just a little time doing nothing. Sit, breathe, and be filled with love and acceptance.

And may you be well, happy and peaceful.