The analytics of Buddhism

The 21st century has led researchers to begin discovering more and more about the science behind the Buddha’s teachings. Meditation being a prime example of how science is now examining the effects on the brain, and how it is actually re-molded by way of consistent meditation and mindfulness.
I always find it amazing that it has taken science almost 2600 years to finally begin to understand what the Buddha taught.
But will science ever be able to explain everything that Buddha taught? Will a greater analysis of the dhamma lead to mankind’s evolution?
I would not even attempt to guess at that one.

But the question I wish to raise here today is one of analysis. And if we should be analyzing and dissecting the teachings of the Buddha.
The Buddha did teach us to examine everything for ourselves, saying “after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, than accept it and live up to it“.
I think this teaching leads me to Buddha’s teaching of the middle path. Extreme analysis is no more beneficial than mindless ignorance and unskillful behavior.
The pendulum swings equally far in either direction, but only when we stop this effort for one direction or the other do we find peace. Our mind settles, and we no longer grasp for answers.

My Dad always used to say “all things in moderation my Son“. Perhaps he was my first teacher of the dhamma. Because I see now how true his words were, and how they truly apply to all things.
If you exercise, do this within reason. When you eat, do this to nourish the body. When you drive your car, be within the speed limits.
Extreme exercise, dieting, or speeding will only increase your risk of damage to yourself and others.
In all things, including our practice, I believe that mindfulness and the middle path are the skillful way to Nibbana.
With loving kindness and gentleness towards the self, I have seen the scientific proof of this in my own life first hand. I have also been blessed to witness its powerful effects on so many others as well.

Practice at your own pace, meditate at your own comfort level, gently examine things with a lightness of heart.
And may you always be well, happy and peaceful.