Are you ready for tomorrow?


Tomorrow never comes

A couple days ago it was predicted by someone that the World was coming to an end. And I wonder how many people might have had some genuine fear about this possibility. Did it cross your mind at all? What did you think, did you do anything special or different?
Now you might think I am headed towards telling you to make the most of each and every day. But that’s not where I’m headed at all.
I am really thinking in terms of insecurity and fear here. That “not knowing” that can occur in our lives and send our imagination into overdrive.
I must admit, I sometimes have a hard time understanding how many people get so caught up in fantasy. With no legitimate proof of anything, peoples entire lives can be affected, and affect all those around them.
Let me take that back. I think that in the past, fear is what caused me to fantasize either good or bad outcomes. Ultimately, this never changed anything other than to increase my anxiety or else give me a false sense of security. Things still were what they were. Only my delusions (moha) kept me from embracing the reality of the moment.
And I think that brings me to the point of this post. Reality. Inescapable, undeniable, beautifully full of potential.
Drop your fear, and stop creating stories to avoid or comfort yourself. You are missing the whole point of this moment by doing so.
Stop yourself right now, and take a breath in; then gently exhale out. Do you hear things now that you were missing a moment ago? I did!
You just opened yourself up to this moment. You were awake, present and fully aware in that breath.
Enjoy this moment, the next one will take care of itself. There is no such thing as tomorrow.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.