Another day

another day
Yesterday I drove up to Wisconsin to celebrate my oldest Daughter, youngest Grandson, and my own Birthday’s. It was a long drive, but what a wonderful joyous time we all had. It was a rare occasion to have all three Daughters, plus our Grandsons, my Sister and of course Son-in-law all together. Their was so much love, laughter, food and of course heated discussions. My heart was singing! Family, what a phenomenal blessing.
It was good to be back home last night, but I missed them all as soon as I sat down on the couch. I thought about how I wished they all lived closer, so we could be together like that all the time.
Then this morning came, and my little Daughter and I went out to go do some photo-shooting. As we walked along the tracks by the railway station, we came across three homeless gentleman. One of which was a man who I know fairly well from years past. Life is the same for him, save a severely injured arm from a recent fall. A plastic bag sat beside him with a large can of beer inside. I struck up a conversation with the man beside him, who started to tell me about his Daughter. His eyes lit up as he spoke of her with pride. How she graduated College, and became a paralegal. “She is doing really well”, he exclaimed. I asked him when the last time was he saw her. His face changed, his eyes dimmed, and he told me it was about six years ago.
Mindfulness arose, and I paused to try and gain some understanding. Trying to comprehend the disconnect between what I had just felt yesterday with my Family, and the complete loss of another human beings Family. Honestly, I was not able to process it fully when the mindfulness occurred. I saw it, I accepted it, but I was aware that there was also something that I did not fully understand.
But perhaps now I do understand. You see, he is me. We are both Fathers, we both have Daughters, we both have love for our children, we both have suffering and are both living breathing human beings.
Different choices and circumstances have led each of us to meeting each other today. Being there, right then at that moment. Today, he was my gift.
I am thankful that we met today, and I am thankful he shared himself and his life with me. I pray his Daughter can feel the love he has for her.
This moment and this life are precious gifts. Mindfully I hope to be awake and present, so I may always be grateful.
May you enjoy this day, and this very moment. Celebrate the gift you have been blessed with. It’s here right now for you.

And may you always be well, happy and peaceful.