Forget the funny words!

Mindful? Me? I think not my friends.
Day after day I write these posts, and never consider that there may be many people reading this who are not Buddhist.
When I use words like dharma, sangha, appamada, dukkha etc., what in the World am I thinking? If you are not interested in learning these words, you might still be interested in the message, right?

So obviously, I am not thinking mindfully. Yet I speak about mindfulness every day. Shame on me!
So at the same time that I ask your forgiveness, I forgive myself. And I thank you for teaching me this lesson. Bohoma Pin. Oops, there I go again! ;)
But if you will indulge me for a minute, I would like to explain.
You see as I study the Dharma (teachings of Buddha), I find that many Pali (pronounced Polly) words have a much deeper meaning than equivalent English words. I typically try to hyper-link these words to give readers a chance to read more and gain greater understanding.
But I need to be more mindful that many of you may not want to do that reading or research. And since I am so grateful that you have spent time here reading my posts, I think it is only correct for me to try and limit my use of these words. Or, at least put some English meaning in parenthesis. Perhaps you noticed I put a hyper-link on the word “parenthesis”. This is because I am aware of the fact that I have some readers for which English is a second language. I need be mindful of this as well.
Since I have added the “Translate” option at the top right of my Blog, I hope that this is of benefit to people who speak other languages as well.

Now if all this mindfulness talk sounds like a lot of work, you are correct. But this is a choice, and a constant effort of my practice. I enjoy becoming more awake and aware. It is not a painful exercise at all.
Remember, we are all Buddha’s in training!

So please keep an eye on me, and if I get too “Pali” on you please let me know. :)

May you be well, happy and peaceful.