Things I don’t know

Well first let me start by saying I do not always know what the right action is. This Blog is a prime example of that. I often question whether or not I should put these thoughts in print, and then I struggle with whether or not I should share them.
I don’t know that I have any wisdom in these things I discuss. I don’t know that my words help anyone, or perhaps even disturb anyone.
I don’t know what yesterday was about, and I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
Most times, I feel like the character Kwai Chang Caine in the old TV show Kung Fu. The Master says to “Grasshopper”, “when you can walk the rice paper without tearing it, your footsteps will not be heard”.
Well right now, I think I am wearing combat boots and making a mess of the rice paper.

So please forgive me if I sometimes write as though I am a teacher; that is not my intention.
I am the “grasshopper”, trying to learn from the Master.
I think I have a lot of potential, but I am also sure I need a slap upside my head now and then to keep me on course.

I am honored that you are reading what I share here, and hope it is good for you in some small way.
But please be aware of how little I know.
I am on a journey, a path. And though I know I walk it alone, I also know we all walk it together.
Finding happiness, letting go of happiness, seeing our suffering, letting go of our suffering. This is the human condition. This is Samsara.
I hope you will feel free to share your thoughts and comments here as well. Maybe together we can find a way to walk on the rice paper without tearing it. :)