Wanna be a Buddhist Monk in America?

buddhist monk

It’s much more than donning robes

How would you like to be a Buddhist Monk? Do you ever think about what it’s like to be a Monk? I do.
I think to have such dedication and clarity of focus must be wonderful. To not worry about worldly possessions or accumulating things. To live without all those attachments that drag us down and cause suffering.
Sounds pretty terrific, right?
But what about the part that says you cannot ask for anything, and only take what is given freely?
So if your shoes are worn out, you wear them until someone notices you need new shoes. If you are cold, you are cold, unless someone donates a warm coat for you.
If you have no bed, you sleep on a hard floor. No soap, you wash with water.
The list goes on and on for what I would not have, nor could ask for as a Monk. And I would accept all of this with love and kindness, and only have a desire to love others compassionately. And of course to share the teachings of the Buddha.
Wow, how much love and respect I have for these men and women. What a path they have chosen for themselves that is so devoid of self. Living totally and selflessly for the benefit of all human beings.

So no, I don’t want to be a Monk. Well, yes actually I do. But I don’t think it is in this life that I will be one.
But what I can do in this lifetime is be a Family to these blessed individuals. For they truly are my Family, and they love me unconditionally.

Dana is the Buddhist term for the act of giving. It is considered the greatest deed in Buddhism.
But when I love or help my Family, I consider this no deed. I love my Family, and knowing they have what they need fills my Heart with happiness.
And this too is the way I see my newest Family members.

I hope if you are fortunate enough to have these wonderful people in your life, you will see them as Family too.

May you be blessed, well, happy and peaceful.