The permanent solution

I think I may have found a permanent solution to all suffering in my life. In fact it may be the solution for you also.
Now if you have been reading my blog for any period of time, you know I have discussed impermanence many times before. So what’s different this time? Well, now I see it is the final solution, not just a concept to grasp.
I have witnessed so many changes and turmoils in my life, my loved ones and my friends. And the clear consistency in all of them is impermanence. None of us are ever in one state or condition for very long. The worst days are often followed by the best days. The saddest times are often followed by abundant laughter and joy. Terrible illness is often followed by invigorating feelings of health and well being.
The only suffering I ever really experience is from the attachment, or clinging to any of these. It is only by not seeing and accepting the beauty of impermanence that I truly suffer.
Now I know that this is easiest to talk about when I am having a “good” day, but it is not any less true on the worst of days. I just need to smile on those days, or in those moments. And have the clear awareness that this moment is wonderful. It’s impermanent!
Then, when everything seems to be coming up roses, I need to apply the same reality. Thinking to myself, this is great, this too is impermanent!
I suggest you give this a try yourself today. If you are having joyous feelings, think to yourself how great it is that these feelings are impermanent. Then apply this to any difficult moment, emotion or situation that arises.
I hope you will try this, and the post your observations and experiences here.

For now, I am just going to sit back and be happy that this back pain I have right now is impermanent. :)

Be well, be happy, and be peaceful.