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A day in the life

a day in the life

Today I was thinking that it might be good to talk about a day in the life of an average Buddhist. But as my thoughts began to materialize, I realized that a day in the life of a Buddhist is…

Compassion fatigue


I recently read a Blog post by an Animal Rights activist named Piper Hoffman from Ourhenhouse.org. Piper talks about heading toward burnout, and what coping mechanisms she has learned to apply in her work and remain compassionate. But this immediately got…

What is the Dhamma?


And what makes dhamma the truth? Dhamma (Pali) or Dharma (Sanskrit) is actually the same word but in two different languages. In Buddhism it can have the following meanings: The state of Nature as it is The Laws of Nature…

Teachers and great teachers


Most of us would agree that we are all teachers to one another, and I certainly agree that this is true. And not to say that one person has more value than another in terms of being a teacher, but…

Class is in session

Just try to remember, there is no need to wait for the lesson, the lesson is right here in front of us just waiting to be seen. Class is in session.