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Shut up and get over it!

Shut Up

Who are you telling to shut up? More and more I am coming to see that so much of our conversing is beyond a waste of time. It is also a cultivation of less than mindful stories, drama, disturbance, opinions…

The rebel yell


Rebel: to resist or rise against some authority, control, or tradition. The longer I practice, the more I begin to understand that this is a solitary one. Words are often inadequate, and can even be harmful although offered with the…

Class is in session

Just try to remember, there is no need to wait for the lesson, the lesson is right here in front of us just waiting to be seen. Class is in session.

A message of hope


You can be free of the shackles of hope! Yes, the message of hope is that we can all let go of that and eliminate much of our suffering. As I sat this morning, I became aware of my Noble…

The story of the magic mirror

Perhaps you can see how with gentle awareness, acceptance and determination, that each of us can begin to destroy the mirror. This moment is just this moment; not the past one or the next. These thoughts that arise are equally transient, with no need for attachment or story development.