Judgement day

judgement dayToday is judgment day, are you ready?
Now don’t get scared, I’m not speaking of the judgment day that many religions refer to. In fact, that does not exist in Buddhist teachings or beliefs.
What does exist however is vinicchaya. Vinicchaya are judgments and conclusion we draw upon every moment of every day. I suppose a better title for this post would be “judgment moment”.
The Buddha said “Do not be a judge of others, do not judge others. Whoever judges others digs a pit for themselves”.
But don’t we make judgment of others all the time? We are even judgmental of ourselves. And these judgments can be positive or negative, but are nevertheless judgments.
If we are to have an open mind and loving heart, we cannot achieve this with unwise judgments.
And by validating these thoughts, we only fall prey to our own ego and pride.
Beware that these judgments occur in subtle ways throughout the day. Perhaps someone did not say or do as you expected. Or maybe you are suffering in some way and wish to blame others for your pain.
Try to remember this old saying, “when you point the finger, remember there are three more pointing right back at you!”.

So my simple suggestion is to let us each be mindful of our judgments. We risk digging our own pits.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.