Churritos for breakfast

Churritos are a Mexican snack which are actually a sweet tortilla fritter. And while they may be very delicious, what do they have to do with Buddhism?
Well, they are a delicious food just as the teachings are delicious food for each us. And, in this context, the word Churrito also sounds very much like the Pali word Carita. Carita (pronounced char-ree-teh) meaning habits, character, or nature of a person. I have just learned of this word and associated teachings, and I find this word association to be helpful in remembering.

Buddha taught that there are Six temperaments (Carita), each with a main characteristic:
1. Lustful (Raga-carita) – Sensual desire
2. Hating (Dosa-carita) – Hot tempered
3. Deluded (Moha-carita) – Forgetfulness
4. Faithful (Saddha-carita) – Gullibility
5. Intelligent (Buddhi-carita) – Over-confident, only believes own knowledge
6. Speculative (Vitakka-carita) – Lack of confidence

The purpose of seeing your own characteristics is to aid in understanding your own temperament and secondly, there is a recommendation for what meditation subject is appropriate with each of those characteristics.
And while it is best if you can have a Monastic discuss and determine which carita or caritas may apply to you, you can certainly examine this and see if you can clearly discern it by yourself.
I hesitate to post suggestions for objects of meditation here, as without a deeper understanding, one could become confused or even disturbed.
Some further reading can be found at the Dhamma Center for Buddhist Meditation Studies, or you can pick-up the book “The Path of Serenity and Insight: An Explanation of the Buddhist Jhanas” by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana which I just ordered for myself.

As I continue to explore and investigate these teachings, it would be very helpful to hear your thoughts on this subject and engage in some discussion.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.