Birds are singing, Spring is here!


Singing is not just for the shower

Although it is still very cold here, and snow is still on the ground, the birds are singing. They are not letting the unseasonably cold weather keep them from reveling in the moment. Dancing from branch to branch, nibbling the bird seed outside my window, and singing the song of Springtime. Even my sweet old Chow Chow enjoys the symphony that is taking place right now. For all of her life, we have said to her “the birdies are singing for you Chow Chow”. Her ears would perk up, and she would dash outside to see them and listen to their song. These days she moves a lot slower, but still you can see the happiness in her eyes that her friends are once again singing for her.

Many times in the past, I have questioned if we are truly the higher level of being on this planet. And today the birds cause me to investigate this once again. I can see that these birds have no anxiety or emotional struggles. They are completely in the moment, and enjoying each breath just as it arrives. Nature dictates that it is Spring, and they simply flow with the nature. No complaints, no regrets, no hiding away until the circumstances suit them. They are right here, right now, living life to its fullest!

If we could all just be like the birds, and drop the stories. Find that inner song that we all have to sing, and share it with the World. No need to think about it, plan it, avoid it, or control it. It’s your song, it’s Springtime, and life is good. Just sing!