I can see for miles

But I cannot see the future. I cannot even see one minute in front of me.
Recent events have had me suffering greatly because the future is so terribly unclear. And when I think of Bhante’s words to “accept, be mindful and cultivate”, I really feel like that just doesn’t cut it right now.
Does that make me a bad Buddhist? I don’t think so. I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad Buddhist. We are all just people on our paths.
But still, here I sit feeling slightly overwhelmed and carrying a great amount of dukkha (dissatisfaction/suffering).

Earlier today I got a call from a dear friend, who is also a very good student and practitioner of the dhamma. And at one point, he made the statement to me that “our practice is about wisdom, and compassion is a manifestation of that”. I said “Wow, say that again!”.
What a profound statement I thought that was.
Having pondered it for several hours now, I can see that this is exactly what I need to do during this time of difficulty. I need to focus on gaining wisdom from this experience and situation.
There are many lessons here for me right now, and the lessons learned are indeed painful at times. But what’s wrong with that? No pain, no gain right?
What do any of us really learn when we are pampered and coddled?
And regardless of any difficulties I face right now, I am aware that I have this life. I am able to help others, provide food and shelter for myself and my Family, and have so many other comforts that many people in this World could not even imagine.

Don’t I really have to be thankful for this dukkha? This gift of wisdom that comes through the examination of impermanence and attachment. I see that “now” is just an opportunity for wisdom, and that is what my practice is really about.

I leave you with words I heard spoken by Thich Nhat Hanh today…
“Have a good day, enjoy the Buddha”

May you be well, happy and peaceful.