Tearing down the walls

Yesterday, my oldest Daughter sent me a Blog post from CNN about “Why evangelicals should stop evangelizing”.
The crux of the post was that the message of Jesus was one of eliminating separation and division among all peoples. The message of universal love and acceptance is the invaluable teaching of Jesus Christ.
Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s, Sufi’s, Taoists etc., are all religions based on love.
This message has rung out clearly and powerfully for thousands of years. We simply need to open our hearts to understand and see that there is no separation between any of us. There is in fact, no us and them.
To give and receive genuine love requires compassion and acceptance. This is far different the being tolerant.

Many years ago, I went to Willow Creek Church with my two oldest Daughters. Pastor Bill Hybels spoke about “Love of another kind”.
This message has stuck with us for many years now. And as much as I may not remember the words of his sermon, I still understand the message.
It was a message to love all people, even the ones who seem to be the most difficult to love. Perhaps especially the most difficult ones.
And isn’t that a beautiful message of compassion, equanimity and loving kindness?

If we are to live together in peace, we should be mindful and loving in our efforts to see each other as Brothers and Sisters always.
We all share this World and this life, we all have joys and suffering. We all wish to be well, happy and peaceful.

May you each be at peace and surrounded by love and acceptance.

Budu saranai