You’re not alone

not alone
“Don’t worry Honey, we’ll figure it out” ~Shirley Schmidt
These are the words my Mother would often use when anyone in the Family had a terrible problem. Whether it be the loss of a job, a divorce, friend problems, it didn’t matter. Mom would lay her hand on top of yours, and with the gentlest voice and a loving look in her eyes, she would assure you that things would be fine.

I see now that the power of these words came from the genuine nature in which she gave them, and also in the way she phrased it; “we will figure it out”. Immediately, you knew that you were not alone or helpless. That no situation was hopeless or insurmountable. Love and support were right there for you, and it never wavered or waned.

I would like each of you to know that this is what I offer you in meditation each and every day. Unconditional love and support that will never abandon you. In the most gentle way, my intention is towards encouraging you and connecting with you at the deepest level of my heart.

In my meditation, I always take time to be mindful of this body’s impermanence. Realizing that I am dying, and this breath is truly the only breath I have.
And it is with this observance, I spend that very moment sending you loving kindness, compassion and complete acceptance. So please know that you are loved.

May you be always well, happy and peaceful.