Who let the dogs out?

Have you ever felt your mind is acting in this manner, like the dogs are out and running all over the neighborhood?
I can already see many of you nodding your heads in agreement.
Well I certainly know this feeling well, and observe it quite often in my own meditation practice as well. One second I am focused on the breath, and the next moment the dogs are running wild!
I like this analogy, because the vision of trying to get the dogs back in your yard can be one of frustration and panic. And I often see my mind reacting to life situations exactly like this. Trying to control something that is wild and not to be controlled or confined.

In meditation, I am attempting to accept these “wild dogs”, and let them just run. Accepting that they are not mine to control or confine. I also see that there is no need to chase them. This only creates more distraction and disturbance in the mind, and there is nothing to be gained by chasing these thoughts.

Now what if this could be applied off the cushion? What if when a thought or feeling arises, you were to simply let it go wherever it wants to go. No need to attach to it or chase it down. What would you do if you did catch it?
We must see that these things are outside our control, and you will only get bit by grabbing at these wild dogs!

We cannot control anything or anybody, we can only be mindful observers. We can lovingly attend to our own minds so that acceptance and compassion may inspire each of our words and actions.
With this type of practice, we allow peace and equanimity the space to blossom and grow.

So please don’t go chasing after the dogs, they will come back if they feel like it. And if they don’t come back, accept that they are being exactly as they are supposed to be. Send them your loving kindness, and wish them the same as I wish you… that you may be well, happy and peaceful.