What am I doing here?

No really, what am I doing here? What purpose do I serve? What’s it all about Alfie?
Seriously, don’t you ever wonder what this life is all about and why you are here?
Typically this is not something I ponder, but today this thought has arisen in my mind.
So I want to investigate this, right here and now.
If I break it down to it’s most basic elements, I am born, I have some joy and some suffering, then I die. In the history of the World, this is merely a blip on the radar screen.
Seems more than a little depressing doesn’t it? Where’s my value, my importance?
Well, I can see that I found my first clue here. The self.
These thoughts of importance and value are caused by my ego and the idea of self. Self importance.
Now the Buddha taught to let go of the self. Letting go of the self is to put an end to suffering.
And there’s my second clue, I am suffering. I am stuck in this samsaric cycle of existence.
But let’s face it, even seeing these Buddhist truths, I still have no answer why I am here or what purpose I serve.

Maybe, just maybe, my purpose lies in this very moment.
It’s not about what I did yesterday or 30 years ago. It’s not about what will happen tomorrow or next year.
It’s right here, right now.
I really do truly only exist in this moment. The past one and the next one do not exist.
Now perhaps I am being mindful. I am being present.
And isn’t that all I really need to do? Isn’t that all that really matters?
I feel the answer is a clear and resounding YES.

So thank you for letting me work through this with you. I feel better now, and I know what I have to do.
Be fully awake and present to this moment and this breath. It never was before and will never be again.
How wonderful!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.