Troy Anthony Davis was murdered

Troy Anthony Davis

Is that an overeaction?

His life was taken from him, and he did not die of natural causes. He was murdered! And how can anyone feel this is justified by a legal system that condones the killing of another human being?
I can’t help but ask how the World is a better place once a person has been put to death.
I heard the Mother of the slain police officer say on TV last night, that she will finally have peace. Really? The murder of another human being will bring you peace? Is her Son in some other realm now, cheering at the killing of Troy Anthony Davis?
This sounds far more like revenge to me than peace.
And revenge is simply a form of anger and hatred. It assumes that one can impose harm on another to teach a lesson. And what greater harm, then to kill a person? Did Troy learn his lesson? What exactly did he learn from death? And what if, in fact, Troy was actually innocent?
Will we learn a lesson?
So long as we allow our government the rights and power to kill another human being, we are as guilty of murder as anyone. Logically speaking that would mean we should all be put to death!

Even if Troy Davis was guilty, how have we made the World a better place for the future? What have we taught our children?
Where was the love, compassion, Godliness, forgiveness, equanimity, and peace?
Would Jesus or Buddha have strapped Troy to a table and given him a lethal injection?

For me, Troy is not dead. He is my Brother and lives on in my heart and in each breath. He was an example to me of loving kindness, forgiveness and acceptance. Even in his final words, Troy said “For those about to take my life, God have mercy on your souls. And may God bless your souls.”

Bless you Troy, and may you each be well, happy and peaceful.