Time to live (TTL)

Time to live
TTL is a computer/network term meaning “time to live”. My hosting company used this term with me today, and I had never heard it before. When he started to explain that it just means there is a limit to the lifespan of data on a computer or network, I immediately thought how true that is of all of us.
Aren’t we really just all little programs that are running on this network? And while I know this sounds very Sci-fi like the Matrix, I am starting to see this more and more as being very realistic.

On a computer, we can do backups and save copies off-site. But how do we do “back-ups” of our own lives?
Well I think we have the opportunity to do backups all the time with the kamma that we generate.
Just think about how you will continue on after your death by the positive actions you have done today.
Every single being that you have touched in any positive or helpful way will carry-on a piece of data from that program that we call “self”.
Even in our meditation practice, I think the genuine loving kindness that is sent to all living beings is a spreading of your program. Every compassionate, selfless act, is another seeding of your own program. Think of all of this as a sort of “Self 2.0”.

The recent Memorial service for my dear Sister-in-law was a supreme example.
Hearing everyone talk about her and how they were touched by her, was overwhelming. She was very much alive in each and every person that attended, and likely thousands more who were not there.
As her Choir sang in her honor, I could hear my Sister-in-laws voice in perfect harmony with theirs.
How alive she still was and still is!
She did an amazing job of “backing up”.

So please be mindful, and be aware that we all have a TTL. Make the most of every moment and very day; “back-up” early and often.
What you do now will carry on long after you are gone.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.