This magic moment

My friend and fellow Blog writer Marguerite Manteau-Rao, wrote a post the other day asking “what gives meaning to your life?”
And it got me thinking, as her posts often do.
Do any of us really want today to be just another meaningless day in our lives?
I hate use the word Death here, but really, it is inevitable you know. And certainly there is not one of us who knows what day or time that will happen.
And isn’t that motivation enough to make this day count for something?
Unfortunately, I think this is the sleepy state that most of us live in. Today becomes just another day, much like any other day. We wake, we work, we eat, we sleep. All with little to no mindfulness at all.
But to be awake, means to see this as a great opportunity. One that has never happened before nor will ever happen again.
This is truly a magic moment. The only one that you really have.
You are alive, breathing, thinking, feeling and loving!
Take this moment of this day, and make it count. The smile you can share with someone at the store, the coworker that you lovingly offer help to, the child that you hug. Perhaps there is an old friend you can call, or an elderly person you can give the gift of your time to. Maybe there is a charity who could benefit from your skills, or a donation you can offer to a worthy cause.
Each moment, may you be awake and mindful. Alive to the essence of this gift and the power that you posses by being present. Then share it with everyone, every being, every living thing.

You do make a difference, and this magic moment has so much potential.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.