There’s no “I” in ignorant

Oh wait, yes there is. Right at the beginning there!

I am starting to see that “I” am ignorant to so many things.

I have just started to see how very selfish I am. How could I not see that for the past 54 years?

Well, to forgive myself, I need to see that we all come into this World very helpless. We need our parents to feed us, cloth us, protect us. So we learn from the day we are born that is all about the “I”. Our little brains get trained to think this way.

But I am no longer a baby. I have not been one in a very long time.

So, can I re-train myself now? Re-train my mind.

Well I hope so! I feel happy that at least I see this for the first time.

Along with this realization, I have given more thought to my humility. Am I humble? Sure, I’m the humblest person I know! LOL

See I have also realized that I often think “I” am smarter or superior to others.

Even in my Buddhist practice, I have often found myself feeling that “I” am more advanced in my thinking or path.

Well, I assure you that I am not.  In fact I need to clarify that these notes I write are mostly for my clarification. It helps me to get my thoughts in print so I can re-read what has come to my mind. But I also genuinely hope that others may benefit from it. I am not the teacher, merely a student. It’s my honor to share my notes with the class.

If all goes well, someday I hope to graduate!