The Rose

the rose
The rose is not unlike any other flower really. It is beautiful to look at, and most have a lovely scent. Often, they are given to others as a sign of love or compassion.
And in this mornings meditation, the image of the rose came to my mind as I opened myself to all the space around me. I could see how I was in fact very much like the rose.

Each of us has a life that sprouts from a tiny seed and grows from cultivation. The ground that the rose grows from is composed of dirt, manure, even dead beings like bugs and fish.
As human beings, we too have a lot of dirt and manure in our lives as we grow. We even have deaths which occur in our life that transform and cultivate us to grow. Those we have lost become very much apart of us.
And like the rose, without Sun, wind and rain, we could not survive or grow. When we feel love for ourselves or from others, that sunshine warms and nourishes us. When difficulties in life occur, those winds of change also bring about strength and determination in ourselves. They teach us to bend and sway with these circumstances of nature.
And sometimes blessings and kindness rain down abundantly upon each of us, but can also become a storm that we must weather.
We cannot control any of this, only accept that not only is it all an integral part of this existence, but we would actually not be alive without it.

To me, this is the space and openness that exists. The reality that we only need to open ourselves to and accept mindfully and gratefully.
Instead of struggling for how we wish things would be, perhaps we can understand that this is the beauty of life. Even our own decay is not dissimilar from the rose. Its beauty and essence is impermanent, but its seeds will continue to become part of new life that will continue on and on.
We too are pollinating every day of our lives. Seeds of loving kindness, compassion, wisdom and giving, will live on for generations.
Being mindful of our existence, accepting the beauty of our connectedness, we each have an opportunity to love the self and be of benefit to so many others.

I hope you all had a wonderful and joy filled Christmas.
May you be well, happy and peaceful.