The right religion

Once again, I have been inspired by my dear Son-in-law. Let me just say, he is a loving and kind Father, Husband, Son, Friend and a wonderful Christian Pastor. His open heart, open mind, and loving kindness are apparent always. I feel strongly that he is a true blessing to his Church and community.
We recently exchanged some emails about Buddhism and Christianity, and it got me thinking.
Every religion seems to have basically good intentions. And all seem to be based in love.
But in my experience, most practitioners look for a weekly dose of their religion and then go about their lives unchanged.
I believe we all have the ability to take things in our own hands, our own hearts. Your heart, will absolutely make the difference. Loving, kindness and compassion are available to us every moment. Each of us is responsible for that.
I believe most of the different religious teachings are all based in love and goodness. But perhaps it is we the students who may not understand fully what the teachers intention was.
I don’t believe it was to spend only one hour a week in prayer/meditation, and then go back about our normal business. I think these teachers intended to show us a way, a path for transformation. A way for each of us to become more God-like. This gives us an example of perfection.
I think any effort to transform ones self into a perfection of loving kindness and compassion is right effort, regardless of your teacher.
I truly hope this has not offended anyone, that is not at all my intention. My hope is only to share my personal awareness of practice. Of my own practice. For I am no example of these things until I walk, sleep, eat and breath loving kindness and compassion.