The goal is Atammayata

The word Atammayata literally means, “the state of not being made up by, or made up from, that (thing or condition).” “The genuine collapse of illusion, no separateness of subject and object.”

As I was reading this morning, I was learning about Vedana. Vedana is a Pali word meaning “sensation” or “feeling”. In Buddhist culture, it refers to the state where we become conscious of the communion between the physical and mental being.
AtammayataI was reading a story about a Cane (walking stick), and how a person who has been injured in an accident would have painful emotions at the sight of it. Yet for another person, the cane may be a reminder of their beloved Grandmother which would bring about warm loving feelings.
The cane never changed. In fact the cane possessed no emotions whatsoever. But our view, our Vedana, were two completely opposite sensations.
I think the cane story is a perfect example of how our views can control our mind. This is what the Buddha refers to as ignorance. Or, a less offensive term would be an un-wise mind.
As we practice, I think it is important to keep our attention on training the mind. Gaining the wisdom we need to see past the illusions, and let go of our suffering.
This, I think, is Atammayata. Letting go of the illusion and the separateness.

Every day is practice and mindful determination. The Dhamma shows me the way.
Many times the lesson is very hard for me to understand. But I find myself accepting the fact that there is no shortcut to Nibbana.
That’s not to say that any of us could not become enlightened at any moment. History teaches us that this is possible.
But for now I am simply grateful for the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha.
I have more peace in my life than ever before, so many loving Noble friends, and I have learned to smile to the suffering.

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.
Budu Saranai