The coyote and me

This morning, on the way home from the store, I spotted a coyote crossing a snow covered field. I pulled my car over to the side of the road to watch this beautiful creature. I could see it was somewhat difficult for him to walk through the deep snow, showing he was probably an older animal.
coyoteI was fixated on the beauty and grace of this creature. How completely in sync he was with his environment. For a moment, I felt as though I was one with this coyote. I too was walking through the snow, and I felt the aches of age as I proceeded gently.
At that very moment, without a sound breaking the silence, the coyote turned his head and looked straight at me.
It was as though we had truly connected for that split second. I take that back, we did connect in that moment.
He then ran towards the woods, but stopped at the edge. Again, he looked right at me. I felt an overwhelming sense of love from this animal and for this animal. At the same time, I felt a sadness. I had to let him go, and simply accept this moment for what it was. I could feel his decay, as I could feel mine. We are both impermanent, we are both dying. Yet we walk together through the cold and the snow, completely alive and connected to each other. We both experience cold, fear, joy, family, aging, hunger and breath. These are the same blue skies that grace our day, the same Sun that lights our way, and the same darkness that will fall at night.
I am wiser today because of this coyote; he taught me so much in just a few brief moments. He taught me about equanimity (Upekkha). Between us there is no praise or blame, no expectation or obligation.

There is no separation, there is no David and no coyote.

Happy Holidays and Budu Saranai