Tale of two Princes

A couple of days ago, all the news was about Prince William and his Royal wedding to Kate.
Today our focus shifts to celebrating the death of another Prince, Osama Bin Laden. Sometimes referred to as the Prince of Terror, today much of our Country seems to be cheering that he is finally dead.
I spent several days wondering why so many people were excited about the Royal wedding, but came to realize that it was very much like watching a Fairy Tale unfold on live TV. Those fantasies held no attraction to me at all, but I understood why it did for millions of people around the World. The glamor, pageantry, and the Cinderella story of love seemed to provide a much-needed respite from our current day-to-day struggles.
But now, only three days later, we celebrate the brutal killing of a human being.
Some of you reading this may feel that I am going too far by having love or compassion for the Worlds most infamous terrorist. The one man held responsible for 9/11.
But was it really one man who was responsible? Did he create this by himself, plan it by himself, or execute it by himself?
How many more were actually involved, and have they all been killed yet? What about the families of these men, who raised them with these beliefs then supported and encouraged them? Should they be killed as well? How much would we celebrate all of their deaths?
If we are to have love, compassion and acceptance for all living beings, how do we choose to love some and condemn others to death? And who decides which of us deserves to live and which should be put to death?
Osama bin Laden believed it was Gods will to kill over 3000 people on September 11th, 2001. On May 1st, 2011, man decided who should be killed.
Tell me which one did the right thing by deciding to take another life.

I see today as a sad day, that so many of us lost our humanity. Perhaps not permanently, but at least for the few moments that we reveled in the death of another human being.

Perhaps it can hold a different meaning for us, one of compassion and forgiveness towards the future. Because now we can see that his death did not bring back those that we lost. It did not bring an end to terrorism, hatred or religious intolerance.
It is only in our own hearts that we can end this suffering, and begin to heal the World with loving kindness and compassion.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.