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The story of the magic mirror

Perhaps you can see how with gentle awareness, acceptance and determination, that each of us can begin to destroy the mirror. This moment is just this moment; not the past one or the next. These thoughts that arise are equally transient, with no need for attachment or story development.

The best of 2012

The word “best” is of course completely subjective, but I thought I would share with you the Top 5 most read posts from 2012. For those who may have missed them during the year, perhaps you may find them to…

Ebb and flow, away we go

ebb and flow

For those on the East Coast, and affected by Hurricane Sandy, ebb and flow certainly has a very baneful meaning. But I also see the profound imagery that this term imbues in my every day life as well. Seeing how…

A day without stories


A couple of years ago I attended a dhamma talk by the Bhikkhuni Venerable Madika. And one of the things she talked about the really left a lasting impression on me was how she spoke about dropping the stories we…