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Determining Right Action

Right Action

Right action can be the wrong way without skillfulness Right Action is a critical part of the Eightfold Path that the Buddha passed on to us. But often, the word “Right” can seem too finite and specific. And although the…

The story of the magic mirror

Perhaps you can see how with gentle awareness, acceptance and determination, that each of us can begin to destroy the mirror. This moment is just this moment; not the past one or the next. These thoughts that arise are equally transient, with no need for attachment or story development.

Snow snow, let it go


Let it snow, let it snow I sit here watching the beautiful snow fall and observe it covering everything with a thick white blanket. Everything which is dirty or grey, even dead, is covered up in a way to make…

A friend or a Noble friend

noble friend

Noble friends are we? What’s the difference you say? Well I believe it is a World of difference. Most of us have many friends, some of whom are near and dear to us, while others are merely “Facebook friends”. And…

We are what we think

And we become what we think Moment by moment thoughts arise and pass for each of us. Some we barely notice, while others catch our attention and draw us in. The ones that we barely notice are likely the most…