Show me your mind

Now show me space.
Is there any way that you can show me either one of these? You can point to the stars and say that is space, and you can describe a thought and say this is your mind. But can you see that neither is an accurate description?
Both space and the mind are indescribable, just as time cannot be held in your hand and quantified.

But what do time, space and the mind have to do with Buddhist practice?
I think they have everything to do with it.
The limits of the average human brain typically try to label and quantify everything that we experience. Looking at the sky and the stars, we say that is space. Looking at our watch, we say this is the time. And observing our thought, we say this is the mind.
Can you see how equally unskillful and ignorant (avijja) it is to perceive each of these in such a limited way?

In the Buddhist practice, it is commonly thought to look within for answers; focusing on the breath, and being completely present in the moment. And while I agree with this, I also am now beginning to see that one can easily become focused on the self, the mind, this present time, and the space you occupy.
But there is an expansiveness far beyond these constructs of our mind. There is a spaciousness that we are allowed to open up and explore. Even time may become an irrelevant measure to try to observe.
The realities of this existence perhaps do not lie “within” any more than they lie “outside” of the self.
Again, I see this as the connectedness of all things. And I see that it is only by opening ourselves up to this inclusive view of all things that we open the door to enlightenment (nirvana).

Believe me that I have not yet seen this for myself yet. I am merely an observer at this point, and have only seen the possibilities that are available to each of us.
It’s similar to seeing a giant roller coaster, and getting excited by how high and exhilarating it looks. I am fully aware that this is not the same as actually getting my ticket and climbing aboard!
For now, I am content that I am in the park and I’m able to witness all the wonder around me.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.