Severe storms

This morning as I sat here at the computer enjoying the beautiful morning, with sun shining and birds singing, the sky suddenly turned dark. It was if someone turned the lights off outside. The birds were no longer singing, the winds picked up, and almost instantly the thunder and lightning began. High winds bent the trees like twigs, the power went out, and the dogs started crying in fear.
With rain smashing against the windows, the whole Family came into my office for safety.
I instantly became flooded with awareness of so many realities that apply in everyday life.

Storms are like any other disturbance in our lives. They come upon us quickly, and often without warning. And just like the forces of nature, we cannot control or stop these from occurring.
And as I saw my Family and dogs come to me for safety, I see how I have often done the same thing during fearful and disturbing times in my life.
But just as they turned to me for safety in this instance, I cannot stop these storms from occurring for them or myself. This is the nature of things, the nature of life and reality.

If we can simply observe these storms as they arise, without having fear, we can change our view of them. We can see them as something wondrous and natural. Fear can be replaced with acceptance and perhaps even joy.

Now you might ask, what if the storm is like the disastrous ones that hit Missouri not too long ago?
As devastating and sad as that was, there was still nothing that fear would have accomplished or changed. And acceptance of nature, and the reality of suffering and impermanence could only help to comfort and love others during that time of devastation.
Would that not be compassion in action?

So remember that storms will come and go in your life, but like all things, they too are impermanent. Take the good with the bad, the ups with the downs, and do not attach to either. Smile to this life, you are alive, you are breathing. Try singing in the rain!

May you be well, happy and peaceful.