No thank you’s

Why do you thank me? What have I done?
Does the tree thank the clouds for the rain? Do the birds thank the tree for a shelter? Do the flowers thank the Sun for its rays? Do the cows thanks the grass for their food? Does a Deer thank the forest for its home? Well, you get the idea.

I believe this is the true nature of all things. I believe our perception is wrong when we are compassionate, generous and giving. This is actually our true nature, to help one another. All of nature is in balance in this way.
But our ego has made us selfish, so that giving seems to deserve some type of reward.
Just ask yourself how you feel when someone genuinely tells you “Thank you so much!”? It feels wonderful doesn’t it?
This is not actually because you did something good, it is because this touches something deep down within your true Buddha nature.
But can we actually live caring compassionate lives like this every day? Mindful of our true nature, without any expectation or reward. Without ever being told thank you!
I would like this very much. I aspire to living and accepting my true nature as a loving, compassionate, giving human being. Without any thanks. There is no need. It is the way it is supposed to be.

Now I am aware that this may go against a Buddhist concept of Punna (Merit).
Punna basically states that giving, virtue and mental development not only contribute to ones own liberation from suffering, but also are like Karmic credits for later in life (or the next life).
I am not saying that this isn’t true, only that by our own true nature that this happens without expectation. One has no thought or need for merit, because the intention is pure.

To me, we are all connected. All living things, all living beings are connected and inter-related. Being mindful of this fact, and living with equanimity (Upekkha), loving kindness, compassion and integrity is the path to Nibbana (Sanskrit: Nirvana).

May the blessings of the Buddha and the Triple Gem be upon you.
May you be well, happy and peaceful.