New year, new day, new life

new year
That old saying of “today is the first day of the rest of your life” is never more evident than New Years Day. We all celebrate the passing of the old year and welcome in the fresh beginning of the new.
But in Buddha’s teachings, this is actually true every single day, every breath.

This morning as I awoke, it was on my mind that I am dying. And I thought to myself, what if the Doctor told me I was dying, how would I react. Instantly I realized that the Buddha is the wisest Doctor, and he has shown me that I am dying. I have been told already!
Then I thought how I should write about this in my Blog, but realized how many people would have disturbing emotions over this thought and that perhaps I am more mindful to not discuss this topic.
Yet here I am writing about it anyway.
Can I put a positive spin on it to make you feel well, happy and peaceful? Perhaps I can.
Because the reality of our own decay and impermanence is actually like a New Year celebration. Seeing that each day we are alive, we die to the past moment and have the opportunity to embrace the new one. How wonderful that is!
And isn’t that what we really celebrate each New Years Eve? We say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. A new year and a new beginning. A fresh start, with relief of knowing the old year is gone and the new year holding the promise of wonderful things.
This is the reality of what happens to each of us every single day. The moment that has past has died, and we can celebrate this new moment right now. No past, no future, only the celebration and joy of this present moment.

Perhaps you can try to remember this suggestion, and see that each day you can celebrate “Happy New Moment”.
It doesn’t happen only once a year you know, it happens every minute of every day. So be present, and may you live joyfully and mindfully.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.