My truths about God


Who is God, and where do we find him?

The first question that I draw from this statement is whether or not my truth is an absolute truth or not. And is there such a thing as an absolute truth, or are all truths based on our own personal perceptions and identity? Like thinking that I am a handsome man may be very much an unshakable truth to me, but it in no way means that it is your truth!
But I’m sure that seems mundane in terms of defying God and what one believes to be the truth about God. Yet, in my humble opinion, they are equally pertinent. And this is because whatever we convince ourselves of ultimately becomes the truth. At least “our” truth. Yet I have to wonder, is there a greater truth in this life; one that is beyond personal perceptions? And if so, would this not break down the wall that separates all of us? No more religious, spiritual, racial or ideological dogmas, only the absolute truth.

Looking at this God idea, I can see clearly that without living beings there would be no concept like this. It is we human beings whom identify with something greater than ourselves, and outside of the self. Yet were it not for the self, there could not exist the minds perception of God. And in that realization, it seems as though God truly exists within us. Individually and personally, therein lies our own truth about God. And with this, does that mean that if one did not have these thoughts about God in their mind that they are absent of God? Or is that God reality present but without a conscious awareness on that individuals part?
In perhaps my typical fashion, I am aware that I raise more questions than I offer answers. But even the Buddha stated that there are 14 unanswerable questions, and more importantly taught us that to ponder them is a futile endeavor. Yet each of us can examine this life and truth for ourselves, that at some point see we may see the universal interconnectedness that is actually present. And for this, I see great benefit.

I think that it may be valuable for each of us to understand that God is so much more than merely a concept, a painting, or a symbol. And perhaps by attaching to any one idea of what or who God is only serves to diminish this and divide us from one another. And whether you are religious or not, for the sake of peace, we must begin to understand that all life is precious and of value. There is a reality of dependent origination which is clearly present and irrefutable. And perhaps in that, we find the absolute truth about God. In peace, love, acceptance, goodwill and compassion, I leave the rest to you.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.