My head is in the clouds

“A cloud is a constantly changing visible mass of water droplets or frozen ice crystals suspended by air in the Earth’s atmosphere.”

Now let’s see, I am also a visible mass. I am composed of water and air. I am constantly changing. Hey, I must be a cloud!
cloudDoes this sound rather stupid to you? Perhaps it does.
But I think this is closer to a truth and reality than most of us would like to acknowledge. We like to value ourselves and perceive that we are somehow above the clouds. This makes us feel Godly and powerful.
But can you stop the clouds from changing, or keep the storm from coming? Of course we can’t.
The clouds are simply to be observed and accepted; watched as they come and go. Our mind does not attempt to control the clouds. We understand this is reality.
Yet most of us do try and control so many things. Most disturbingly, we try to control others. Instead, I think we should see others as fellow clouds. Not attempting to control or change their behavior in any way. Accept them as serene and beautiful, accept them as dark and threatening. This is the nature of all things, and we should embrace this with loving kindness, compassion and equanimity (Upekkha).
I think our connection to each other is beyond the human existence. We are truly connected to all of nature. We simply do not exist without the water, the air, the clouds and the storms.
I think perhaps this is why when the Buddha touched the ground he became enlightened. On the deepest level he understood the connection.
This is the connection that I am trying to see and accept.
How all of my suffering would melt away if I could simply accept this deep truth.
No more control, no more expectation, no desire, no attachment. Nibbana.

Namo Buddhaya

May you be well, happy and peaceful.