My clouds, my sky

Today I saw a post on Facebook where someone took a photo and stated that these were her clouds and her sky. She was referring to the view outside her window of course.
But this got me thinking about how much all of us tend to make all things about the self. We take possession and ownership of so many things that truly do not belong to us. It all seems to be I, Me, Mine.

It’s easy to see and understand that the clouds and sky do not belong to you, but can you also see your Family does not belong to you?
Can you imagine saying this is not my Son or Daughter, but instead this is the Son or this is the Daughter.
Attachments are very strong for most of us, and we unconsciously attach ownership in doing so. But we do not own our children or any other loved one.
And I have come to see how powerful this delusion can be, and also how destructive.
With attachment, ownership, and possession, comes expectations and disappointments. This can lead to anger, resentment, hostility and even separation. The result obviously, being the extreme opposite of what love is all about.
So where is our mindfulness?

Most of can easily become upset or depressed when the weather turns cold and grey. But we know we cannot be angry at the Sun or the clouds, because this is nature.
In this same way, we should view all other living beings. Accepting each regardless of whether their words or disposition are sunny and bright or dismal and bleak. This is the nature of human beings. This is your nature also.
I do not own or control you, nor do you posses me or my thoughts. We are each fluid and ever-changing, with no single molecule remaining the same from one moment to the next. And any attempt to stop this is just ignorant and delusional for any of us to attempt.

Accept each other as the every changing mystery that we are, and do so with loving kindness and compassion. Without judgement, attachment or expectation, and then observe the peace you feel in the place of true equanimity.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.