My children are my teachers

I am so grateful to my children. Each one of them has taught me so much, and each one has taught me different things.
It’s funny, because when you are raising your children you believe you are teaching them everything.
And our children look up to us as Gods, who seem to have immense power and knowledge.
But now I look back and see it was my children who had the immense knowledge and power.
They taught me tolerance, patience, laughter, sorrow, joy, compassion, empathy, impermanence and more.
These were some very hard lessons to learn, but my children taught them with the most genuine love and kindness. Always accepting me, and without expectation.

Today, with my oldest being 29 years old, and my youngest being 11, I am still being blessed with lessons every day.
They are a constant reflection of my own actions. When I speak or act unwisely or harshly, they don’t have to say a word. I can see it in there faces and hear it in their voice.
They still are trying to teach me in the gentlest, most loving way.
Unconditional love. All my children are old enough now, they don’t have to be this way with me. But they still show me true unconditional love every day, regardless of my words or actions.
What beautiful teachers they each have been, and continue to be.

One day I will be gone from here. My kids will probably reminisce about me and all the things I taught them. But they probably will not realize that in fact it was them who taught me so very much.

I am so thankful for my beautiful loving children, my beautiful teachers.
I love you guys, so much.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.