Mom and Dad

Nature or nurture? I think we are a product of both genetics, influence and our upbringing.
Are you close to your parents? Are they alive still, or have they died?
mom and dadDid or do they agree with your practice and path? Do you harbor hurt feelings or resentment towards either of them?
Well as much as I try to be awake to the reality that we are all connected, this morning I realized just how connected I am to my parents. And so you know, I was extremely close to my gentle loving Mother. But my Dad was an alcoholic and left when I was only ten years old. For the rest of my life while he was alive, I was ignored and shunned by him often. We managed to maintain some sort of distant relationship, but I never had him in my life the way a young man would want.
In addition, my Mom was a strict Roman Catholic. When she found out I was studying Buddhism, she said that was ridiculous. Her words were “You are not a Buddhist, you were born a Catholic and you’ll die a Catholic”. She said this with no anger or hostility, but a firm determination that she could decide this. I smile even now thinking about her saying this. My Mom was so wonderful!

But this morning I realized that I am my Mom and my Dad. Not only genetically did they combine to conceive me, but this occurred as an act of love. I was born out of love. And my Fathers personality and character along with my Moms, molded me into a person that still exists today. I have my own thoughts and path that I walk, but they walk it with me. I have their complete love and acceptance with every breath I take. I was created in love, I have lived being loved, and I am filled with love this moment.
Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me this life. Thank you for all of your lessons and sacrifices. Thank you for being with me now.

I accept that my parents are a part of me and of our connectedness, which in turn helps me see how you and I are connected.
We are in this life together as living breathing beings. We have love and compassion, and a wish to love all those around us. I believe there is a universal goodness that we share, and were it not for our Moms and Dads would could not do this.
Not one joy or blessing would have ever touched us were it not for them both.
Accept, Be mindful, and Cultivate.
May you be live in peace, and may you be well happy and peaceful.