Mindful eating

Over the years I have tried many times to go vegetarian or even vegan, but failed miserably. Growing up in Chicago with things like Portillo’s Beef, Cheese and Sausage pizza, White Castle hamburgers etc etc, it has been a difficult challenge. My brain seems wired for this addiction to meat.

And although I have seen most of the PETA videos before which clearly show the horrific abuse of animals, I somehow put this out of my mind when I smell bacon frying in the pan. It no longer is a living feeling creature, I have no awareness of the horrible cruelty it endured and suffered, it is simply tasty and crispy bacon.
And I don’t know why, but a recent expose in the news about the export of cows to Indonesia really gripped me. Videos of these poor gentle creatures being viciously abused, beaten, tails broken intentionally, hot pepper powder jammed deep into their eyes, was just more than I could bear.
I wondered how long can I close my eyes to the reality of these atrocities and just continue to eat meat.
I could go on and on with stories of incredible inhumanity which even includes thousands of baby male chicks being dumped into 55 gallon drums every day, and then sealed and thrown away because they are not egg layers.
I suppose most of us don’t care because we don’t have to see it.
Well I see it now. I see it clearly. And I can no longer be a part of this incredible and horrific cruelty and killing. I do not have the right to take a life, not any life. And if I continue to eat meat, I might as well be beating that cow who has broken legs, hearing his cry’s of excruciating pain, and dragging him to slaughter myself. I might as well be beating that chicken or turkey with a metal rod because it is too sick or injured to walk.
I will not and cannot do this any longer.

I am so grateful for this life, and this body. And may I be kind to this body and this life by respecting all living things.
As I breathe, feel pain, joy and suffering, so does every other living creature. The bond and love between mother and child can be witnessed among all living creatures on land, air or sea.
We have a choice of how we live, and whether it is compassionately and with equanimity, or in ignorance and selfishness.
May I be mindful of this now, and the rest of my days.

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.

Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life