“Without attachment or expectation, and with all my love,
may you be well happy and peaceful”

These are the words that I now use when practicing loving kindness (Metta) meditation.
I have come to realize that love is not real love unless it is boundless and unconditional. Expectation and attachment only serve the self and are driven by ego and clinging (Upādāna).
In addition, I spend some time in meditation being aware of this body without attachment or expectation and with loving kindness. Thinking, I am grateful for this head that holds the brain, this neck that supports the head, these arms that are able to reach, and hands that are able to hold. Grateful for these legs that support this body, and the feet that support the legs. Observing each muscle, bone, and organ, I send them loving kindness with complete acceptance and no expectation.
Viewing the mind, the body, and all other beings with compassion and equanimity allows limitless space to open up.

As I continue my practice I see clearly that awakening is a result of opening our heart and mind. Accepting and cultivating a much greater truth than the self.
Still, I have much work to be done. Judgements and delusions cloud reality for me quite often. I see these unsatisfactory conditions as the cause of suffering, and strive to extinguish them with mindfulness and love.
But with patience, love and acceptance of the self, may I achieve a pure state of the Four Immeasurables. Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.