Making you well, happy and peaceful

So while I meditated this morning, and was sending you each loving kindness, I had an epiphany.
Are my “wishes” of loving kindness and peace actually making you well, happy and peaceful?
Since I do not believe in wishes or any other superstitious beliefs, I began to wonder what person this is actually serving.

A lofty ideal would be to believe that love transcends space and time, and can reach across the World to bless others. But since there is no actual proof of this, I am forced to look deeper.
And what I find, is that I am developing compassion and equanimity with my intentions. And I believe that by practicing this every day, this becomes compassion in action. I am remolding my mind from one that is completely based on the self, into one of benevolence. I see this as real and tangible.

I once asked Bhante Sujatha, how do you handle so many people loving you so much.
He told me the more love that people have for him only supplies more love that he has to give others.
And I can attest to being a witness to his abundant love for all beings. It is never passive, but neither is it aggressive or forceful. It is available, open, accepting and encouraging.
And that’s OK with him. He does not take it personally, or become upset that you are sad. He has the wisdom to know that even your worst of times are still completely impermanent. And his love requires no response or gratitude. He simply loves and accepts you.

This is the teaching that I remain determined to see and live. I cannot make you well, happy or peaceful. But I do love you and accept you. I see that all things are impermanent, and that we are all deeply connected.
If you are in poverty or starving, I too am starving. If you are on death row and waiting to be executed, I am there also.
I will do what I am able to help you, but I will also accept what I cannot do. Sadness will not benefit you, and I respect this with the love that I am able to show to others. In whatever way I may be able, may I be of benefit to all other beings. And may you be the recipient of my good actions.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.