Just smile

I would like you to try an exercise with me today. It is an exercise of the mind, that I think demonstrates how we can retrain or re-mold our minds.
First, I would like you to scan your mind to see what is bothering you right now.
Perhaps you have some physical pains right now. Be fully aware of this, accept that you have pain or discomfort. Now smile to the pain. Not a pretend, forced smile. But a genuine heartfelt happy smile.
smileMaybe your mind is overcome with grief or sadness. Focus your attention on this with loving kindness and compassion. Now smile to your grief.
Is your financial state giving you great concern and worry? See this clearly, and with acceptance. See how it causes you great suffering. See how much love you have for yourself regardless of these financial pressures, and smile.
Do you have a Family member who is ill in some way, or perhaps even dying? Focus your attention on this, and feel the love and compassion you have for this person. Then smile.

No matter what disturbing emotions you may struggle with today, see this situation and see yourself with loving kindness and compassion. Have a strong determination to smile to yourself and welcome this moment. You are an alive, breathing, feeling, loving human being. In this very moment, you smile.
Can you see how this has changed your mind, re-molded it? Can you see this is developing your extraordinary mind? We all have this ability to see each moment with clarity and compassion.
And, you develop your loving kindness more and more every time you smile. Remember that, and remember that this is powerful force and will have an affect everyone around you.

So please carry this with you today. Bring it with you when you sit down to meditate today. Be thankful and peaceful, then smile.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.