I give up!

This whole Buddhism thing is way too hard.
Loving kindness all the time, no attachments, accepting all things just as they are. C’mon, this is ridiculous!
I’m a human being, and I am pre-wired from the factory to suffer. Having fantasies, anger, opinions, false perceptions, and resentment, are all part and parcel of being human right? The answer is a resounding yes!
But I guess the Buddha knew this and saw it very clearly. And when I look at the three Buddhist Monks that I know, I can see that this path away from how we are pre-wired is actually attainable. That is not to say that they have achieved enlightenment, or are completely without desire, suffering or attachment. I think perhaps they do have a small amount of that. But I see that their practice has made them such loving, kind and accepting individuals. They really do radiate this genuine love to their fellow man. And they do this without judgment or pretense. I also know they have dedicated their lives to this practice.

So, aren’t I too old, or too set in my ways to completely change my wiring? Haven’t I built up such a strong perception of self that I cannot let it go?

Well, it seems to me I am not too old. Logically speaking, if I can see the path, I can walk the path. It’s a choice.
The path may be long and dark, with much unknown around every corner; but I already know with certainty where that path leads.
And I really do want to go there.

So, like The Little Train that could, every day I will tell myself… I think I can, I think I can.

So, please wish me luck. No, wish me well. Well happy and peaceful.
For that is what I wish for you, may you be well happy and peaceful.