I am a snowflake

We have certainly arrived at the Season of snow fall, frosted trees, and picturesque views.
But do you ever think about the snow or where it comes from?
Certainly you know that snowflakes are not just sitting up in the sky waiting to fall on us!
So where does that snowflake come from, where was it’s beginning or where did it cease to be?
Can any of us pinpoint the origination of the water which evaporated, then condensed and froze to become a crystal that we call a snow flake? And where did it end? Or did it truly have a beginning or an end?

I see the snowflake as a beautiful analogy of us as human beings. And just as each snowflake is unique and individual, it is also part of something greater and not separate or distinct.
Just like when we look at a large crowd, we only see a mass of people. We do not see the uniqueness and individuality of each person. Yet it not only exists, but is very much a part of the collective.

Perhaps it is in meditation that we can most easily open ourselves up to this reality of connected but separate. There is a tremendous space that exists and we only occupy one very minute particle of this. We are very much a part of this beautiful landscape, unique in every way, yet we are only one droplet of paint on the canvas.

Embrace each other as you create this artistry we call life. It’s a winter wonderful of loving kindness and compassion. You are so much a part of this, and I a part of you. Separate yet together.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.