Happy Easter?

Beijing (CNN) — The site of a planned outdoor Easter service at one of China‘s largest independent “house” churches was eerily silent Sunday as police blocked more than 500 worshippers from leaving their homes and detained more than 36 for attempting to attend religious services in Beijing, church officials said.

(CNN) — An Israeli man was killed and four others were wounded early Sunday morning near Joseph’s Tomb, a Jewish holy site in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, an Israeli military spokesman said.

New Delhi, India (CNN) — Famed Indian spiritual guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba died Sunday of respiratory failure, his doctors said.

Abuja, Nigeria (CNN) — Rural villages held mass burials in northern Nigeria on Sunday, the Red Cross said, raising the possibility that six days of postelection violence have produced heavy casualties.

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -– Venezuelan authorities say a stream suddenly swollen by rain water has swept away a family in the country’s west. Six children are known drowned and three adults are missing and feared dead.

Sorry if it seems I am a downer on this Holiday, but isn’t mindfulness something to have every day? Isn’t loving kindness and compassion a part of this Holiday?
This morning I thought about how easy it is for each of us to get swept away in Easter egg hunts, and Family dinners. And at the same time, be completely ignorant of the realities in the World around us.
How many people in Japan and other parts of the World do not even have food right now? How many are still searching for missing Family members? How many children and families in Libya are in fear for their lives at this very moment?

These are just a very very few examples of life all over the World today. We can choose to ignore it, and simply enjoy our good fortune. Or we can be awake to this moment and our connection to all other living beings.
Think of them when you eat your feast today, and send them your love and compassion. Let them know that you are with them and have so much love for them. Let them know that they too are your Family.
Perhaps you can sit today and devote some meditation time towards all other beings.
I hope that today you are blessed with peace, you are free of hunger and fear. I hope you are safe and have shelter. May your Family be safe and healthy.
May all living beings be well, happy and peaceful.

Happy Easter.