Happiness is up to you

I was thinking last night about how most of my posts here may seem rather depressing. It seems all I ever talk about is suffering, and ways out of suffering. And if I am to be aware that I may have many non-Buddhist readers, then I need to clarify that the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings) is not all about suffering and certainly not about being sad or depressed. In fact it is completely the opposite! Buddha taught us that it’s our attachment to suffering that is one of the causes of suffering.
That’s why I felt that today’s post needed to talk about the joy and happiness I have achieved by studying the Dharma and diligently practicing.

For me, this means mindfulness with every breath, each word and every action. It means daily meditation and study. It also means writing this blog as a means to clarify my own thoughts, and share what I have learned for the benefit of others.
Every day at 10 a.m., a reminder pops up on my computer that says “Metta Bhavana”. Simply put, this means to practice loving kindness. For me, this is the heart of my practice. And the more I practice, the more I am at peace and have acceptance for myself. This overflows to acceptance of all people, all things, and the nature of all things. And we all know that the nature of all things is impermanence.
Just think how happy you can be if you can truly see and accept this impermanence with loving kindness!
Even that happiness that you will feel is also impermanent. But if you can see that with equanimity (Pali: Upekkha), and accept it also with loving kindness and compassion, you are truly free of suffering.

If I sound as though I have achieved Buddhahood (Pali: Buddhatta), then I have inadvertently mislead you. I am merely an Upasaka who is studying the Dharma and doing my best to practice loving kindness.

In closing, please know that the Buddha Dharma has brought so much joy and happiness to me, my Family and friends. And my prayer is to share this with each of you in loving kindness and peace.

May you each be well, happy and peaceful.

Budu Saranai